In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss some of the latest space news that you might have missed. There has been a lot going on. Also in the show, Ashtray describes Hunter Biden’s hog, and Teddy loses it on people not using headphones in public.

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Tonight on the Red Eye Report we’re gonna gonna talk about what’s new in SPACE! What’s new? Nobody gives a shit – that’s what.

With us tonight is the nearsighted Oracle. He always thought it felt funny jerking on his air hose. It wasn’t funny when he tried to get Teddy to suck on his penis to see why there was no air coming out.

In the escape pod we have Maybe he’s here, Maybe he’s not, Mystic. We shut his comms off to spare you the snoring.

Then we have Hot Pocket Teddy. The ham & cheese Hot Pockets are the only astronaut meal he’ll eat. And he’s never even been to space!

Then there’s Astroplane Ashtray. Who’s always high enough to see the Northern Lights between his legs. That’s why his head is always up his ass!

And this is the Red Eye Report!

Dane Co Paws for the Cause: Julio the Horny Toad. Is now in solitary confinement for sexually assaulting two salamanders and Beverly the secretary’s coffee mug. 

What’s New in Space?!

Boeing’s Starliner FINALLY launches real astronauts into space!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

WATCH: Boeing’s Starliner capsule makes first launch with NASA astronauts


China’s on the dark side of the moon

China spacecraft Chang’e-6 first to collect samples from far side of the moon – BBC News


Japan’s Astroscale to clean up space junk


Russia launches an Anti Satellite Weapon (so we say)



(link to GIF view)


What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Popping that Camping Cherry

Mistic:   DEAD

Teddy: Dumb ass gets banned for life

Ashtray:   Hunter Biden’s Hog gets convicted

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Printer Mayhem

Mistic:    DEAD

Teddy: Cell phone noise pollution 

Ashtray:   Madison’s the new Wild West

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 

  • Ben Afflac

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