In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Water Memory. Miracle homeopathy or horseshit? Also in the show, Gitmo the Terrorist Squid, and Reacher the motor vehicle smasher.

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In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Water Memory. Miracle homeopathy or horseshit? With me this week is Talking Water Teddy. He’s been talking to his water for decades before flushing it down the drain. He whispers, “I hate you whitey” to every gallon. We also have Water Memoryfoam Ashtray. He’s got so many homeopathic remedies floating around him, he’s like the Ghandi of retarded kooks. If theirs a chance it will get him high, or elevate his consciousness, Ashtray is in. Next to Ashtray we have Mistic. He’s the biggest believer of magic healing water. He’s got water tattoos all over his scrotum and asshole professing his love for magic water. It’s fucking weird and invisible. Finally, there’s me, Aquafina Oracle. I once impregnated 17 women by jizzing in the YMCA pool. This is the Red Eye Report.

Animal of the week 

Gitmo the Squid

Dry Eyes, No Fly List, Terrorist Squid

Water Memory

Water memory – Wikipedia

UNESCO to host meeting on controversial ‘memory of water’ research | Science | AAAS

Benveniste: transmitting homeopathy by wire (amasci.com)

Water Might Store and Transfer Information, Say Scientists – Learning Mind (learning-mind.com)


What is Homeopathy? | Live Science

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Mobile GTAs

Mistic: Reacher

Teddy: Smooth McGroove


Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Over the Air 

Mistic: Stop the directors cuts. 

Teddy:  Hacker hostage taking


In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself Santa Clause

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