Traveling Band Outline

Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Music Tours

Oracle: Old School

Mistic: The little guys

Ashtray: Roadies

Teddy: Festivals (traveling or not)

What’s Sexy (7 minutes):

Mistic: Brain to Brain

Oracle: Wisconsin Cheese

Ashtray: Morgan Freeman

Teddy: Airwheel

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): What we do in the Shadows; The Professional

Ask the Idiots

  1. Carl Ramsburg – Hamburg, PA – Teddy: Why haven’t you returned any of my phone calls?
  2. Jill LaFern – Burbank, CA – Ashtray: I sent your ungrateful cat a picture of my equally ungrateful cat, Pablo, about two weeks ago. Just wondering if she’s interested in a play date, if you know what I mean?
  3. Fenek Umbrauter – Europe – Mistic: Is it true, that just your presence among women cranks their moisture levels up to 9? If so, can I get a taste?

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Mistic: Society

Oracle: Gun point

Ashtray: Abandoned on Everest

Teddy: San Andreas Movie

In all seriousness, you know what? If we’re in a life threatening situation and it’s you or me. I’m not gonna be mad at you for choosing self preservation. So, unless I’m your child, you have my blessing to leave me on a mountain to go eat a 5 pound burrito for your lame ass fucking youtube page, you no talent fuck. That’s our show, join us on,…….Like us, Twittle us, Share us, or Fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m the Mistic……and this is the RED EYE REPORT……



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