In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Telemarketing. We plan a raid on a sorority for some panties and as usual, Ashtray makes it weird.

Telemarketing and Phishing

General overview

Four types

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound
  3. B2B
  4. B2C

Voice Phishing

Phishing attacks

What’s Sexy 

Teddy: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Oracle: Popsocket

Mistic: The Irishman

Ashtray: memes of LeBron James licking China’s boot

Fuck What You Think

Mistic: Days

Ashtray: Contractor shares video of doomed Hard Rock Hotel structure days before collapse

Teddy: Bullshit cops find after killing someone 

Oracle: Pick another target assholes!

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