In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we talk about superstitions. Where do they come from? Why are we afraid of breaking mirrors or spilling salt. Some of the origins might surprise you. Also in the show, Oracle reviews Real VR Fishing for the Oculus Quest, and Ashtray shares a story about an absolutely ridiculous Covid-19 vaccination debacle that happened recently.


Superstition: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.

Excellent superstitions video:

Sports superstition:

7 Most Famous Sports Superstitions (

25 Weirdest Superstitions and Rituals in Sports | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Interesting origins of superstitions:

The fascinating history behind common superstitions – Insider

Superstitions and their Origins – Mysticurious

Superstitions Around the World:

Superstitions from around the world – Insider

What’s Sexy  

Oracle: Real VR Fishing

Mistic: Miracle Workers

Teddy: The Stand

Ashtray: GameStop goes to the moon!

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Marjorie Taylor Greene – What a fucking piece of trash

Video surfaces of Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg with baseless claims – CNNPolitics

Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats in 2018 and 2019 before running for Congress – CNNPolitics

Mistic: Disorganization

Ashtray: Lets let the cool college kids vaccinate the public – DERP

Teddy:  JK Rowling Strife

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