In this episode we talk about the storming of the U.S. Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021. Where the hell are we going with all of this? Turns out, this isn’t the first time the capitol has been stormed. Also on the show, Oracle shares some of the new RER review stuff on and Mistic reminisces about cocaine, hookers, and Russian submarines of the 80s.

Storm the Capitol! Jan 6, 2021

Videos of today’s chaos:

Times in the past the Capitol was stormed:

July 1915: Dynamite exploded in the Senate Reception Room. Erich Muenter, a German born professor who did it as an appeal for peace during World War 1. Went off at midnight before the 4th of July, so no one was injured, but the room was heavily damaged. 

March 1954: Four Puerto Rican Nationalists fired 30 rounds from the Ladies’ Gallery above the House of Representatives. Five Representatives were hit, but no one died. The nationalist were all given life sentences, but were later pardoned by President Carter.

[PLAY DURING SHOW] News Reel from 1954

March 1971: A bomb exploded in the Senate wind of the Capitol building. No injuries, but significant damage. Weather Underground took credit as a protest to the Vietnam War.

November 1983: Another bomb in the Senate exploded but no one was injured as the Senate had convened earlier than expected. A “armed resistance unit” took credit and said it was in response to US Military aggression in Grenada and Lebanon. 

July 1998: Gunman Russell Weston skipped through a security checkpoint and killed two Capitol officers. He was eventually caught and probably hit with a brick.

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: New Reviews

Xbox Series X Review ⋆ THE RED EYE REPORT

Mistic:   Operation Odessa

Teddy: Immortals: Fenyx Rising 

Ashtray:    Trump’s got Georgia on his mind:

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Star Wars

Mistic: The high cost of processed foods. 


Teddy: Dumb people and the reviews they post

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