This episode of the Red Eye Report is all about Stealin’ Shit. Big heists. Some of them went well. Some, not so much. Also in the show, Oracle is all about the 90s, and Ashtray gets a new pipe wrench.

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On this episode of the Red eye Report we talk about heists. We listen to some bullshit from Ashtray, and we smoke a lotta bit of weed. With us this week is Ashtray. The only thing Ashtray steals is the heart of homeless women. And whatever disease they have. Then there’s Oracle. Oracle once put together a heist to steal the Declaration of independence. But was caught when he went after Nicholas Cage so he wouldn’t have competition. Mistic is with us tonight but he’s seen some shit so he gets a pass. And im Teddy. And im awesome at stealing….cuz im black. 

Roof Man

Wells Fargo Heist


Bratislava Rolex theft

Hatton Garden safe deposit theft

Dunbar Heist

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Dark Side of the 90s


Teddy: 5 on 5 fight

Ashtray: Heavy hitting pipe wrench … for, whenever & April Fooled somethin’ good

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Fucking Rebel Wilson

Mistic: Buncha pussies

Teddy: Cruise passengers left

Ashtray: In The Invention of Prehistory: Empire, Violence, and Our Obsession With Human Origins, the intellectual historian Stefanos Geroulanos

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself dipshit manatee tatter!!

That’s our show, we’re gonna be here every Wednesday or Thursday night at 10pm central, make sure you join the conversation at or… can also twittle us @redeye_report….like us, share us, or fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m Teddy…………….and this is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!!

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