In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we talk about Sounds and Cymatics. You ever see those crazy sand patterns that happen when you play sounds near them? There’s some crazy science behind this stuff!

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Sounds & Cymatics

Cymatics – the science of visible sound Cymatics History – Cymascope

Cymatics is the science of sound made visible and is based on the physics principle that when sound encounters a membrane, such as the surface of water or the membranes that surround our cells, a pattern of energy is automatically imprinted on the membrane. The pattern consists of antinodes–regions of high pressure–and nodes–regions of low pressure. In this process the periodic vibrations in the sound are transformed to become periodic ripples on the membrane’s surface, creating beautiful (though often invisible) geometric patterns that are analogs, or models, of the sound. Cymatics is therefore a natural process that is continually occurring inside our bodies, on the surface of everyday objects, and even at astronomical scales. See for example the giant hexagon on Saturn’s north pole in the astrophysics section of this site. And for more information on cymatics at the cellular level please refer to our microscopic cymatics section.

Sound and cymatics:CLIP 1

The Cymascope:CLIP 2 

The Sabine Equation for Reverb Time:CLIP 3 

Sonar in bats CLIP 4 

Flash sonar in humans CLIP 5 

Standing waves CLIP 6 


What’s Sexy 

Oracle: City of Rails

City of the Rails – Danelle Morton

Mistic: D to the S bitches. 

 Teddy:  Cancel Court

Ashtray:   Cocaine Bear and Strippers!

Fuck What You Think

Oracle:  You’re gonna die son

Mistic:  Dani Ric NO!!!!

Ashtray:    subtle slip of the knee

Teddy:  Goddamn DoorDash

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 

Department of Weighs & Means  

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