Simulators Outline

Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Simulators

Oracle: Military

Mistic: Driving and Racing

Teddy: Sex Simulator

Ashtray: Goat Simulator

What’s Sexy (7 minutes):

Mistic: Louis CK

Oracle: Collider

Ashtray: Mad Max: Fury Road

Teddy: Friends

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Leon: The Professional; Winnebago Man

Ask the Idiots

  1. Chip Kelly – Philadelphia, PA – Teddy: Hey man, you’re black, you wanna come play for the Eagles?
  2. Philicia Gomez – Santa Fe, NM – Ashtray: Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moon light?
  3. Pablo Escobar – Nogales, Mexico – Oracle: I’m thinking about setting up a pipeline into China, seems like a huge, untapped market, you in?

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Mistic: Biker Brawl

Oracle: Under Armour

Ashtray: Nigerian Restaurant

Teddy: Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Last Season

In all seriousness, I realize that as a Biker, you have an ingrained sense of outlawishness. There are other people that share this world with you though, and those people just want to enjoy their overpriced wings and stare at titties like the rest of us. So why you bringing your bitchy, unemployed bullshit to a public place? Go to an abandoned warehouse, where no one’s really gonna care if your ignorant asses want to open fire on one another. We all have to live in this world, so put your pistols away and enjoy life a little. That’s our show, join us on,…….Like us, Twittle us, Share us, or Fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m the Mistic……and this is the RED EYE REPORT……



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