Robots Outline

Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes):  Robots

History of robots

An Early History of Robotics:

Exhaustive Timeline:

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Archytas’s Pigeon:

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Cool 200 year old Japanese Automaton:

How will laws be applied to robots in the future

Isaac Asimov – Three laws of robotics

Prophets of Science Fiction episode on Isaac Asimov:

Current day robotics

What’s Sexy (7 minutes):

Mistic: Professional line sitter–this-guy-can-make-big-money-sitting-in-line

Oracle: Steven Briggs’s Narration of Good Omens

Teddy: Black Jesus

Ashtray: Kim Jong Un Really Hates This Video And Wants It Off The Internet

Scott: Prosthetic iLimb

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Tai Chi Hero; The Frozen Ground

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Oracle: North Dakota’s Oil And Gas Boom Has Brought Prosperity, But Critics Wonder About The Costs

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Williston Video

Teddy: Cutting off the water to Detroit

Mistic: Jason Biggs Tweet

Ashtray: Child Sex Robots Could Be Used to Treat Pedophiles

Scott: Checking account



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