Riots Outline

Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Riots

Oracle: Ye Ole Riots

Ashtray: New York City Draft Riots

Mistic: Watts Riots

Teddy: Rodney King Riots

What’s Sexy (7 minutes): 

Teddy: Obama buying cop cams

Oracle: Wearable tech that doesn’t make you look like a fag

Mistic: Westboro Baptist Church gets punked

Ashtray: Staffer getting canned

Not So Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Miss March; Dracula Untold

Ask the Idiots

  1. David Milnep: Rockport, MA: Ashtray: Did you nail that british chick from Ferguson?
  2. Stacie Vermouth: Hamburg, Germany: Oracle: If you had a choice, would you rather be raped by a Dolphin or a Seal?
  3. Finn DeBola: Miami Beach, FL: Teddy: I heard you’re coming to Florida. When you’re down here, you wanna get together, maybe split a hotel room and a hooker?

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Teddy: Phelp’s girlfriend saying that she was born with man parts

Mistic: Walking with hands in his pockets

Ashtray: Police going after the St. Louis Rams

Missing Students:

In All Seriousness (3 minutes): That’s our show, make sure you join the conversation at or Like us, Share us or Fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m Mistic.

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