On tonight’s stream of the Red Eye Report, we talk about the parents and family of mass murderers.

First off we have the Mistic. He’s no mass murderer, but he sure kills it in the handicap toilet stall! His new

Mandatory poop joke out of the way, next we have Teddy, and he named his penis; Steamboat Willie.

Then there’s Oracle. He just got the new PS4-VR setup, and the new game Dolphin Dinner Date. It’s an immersive experience where you take a dolphin out to the supper club and try to seduce them with clicks and whistles while hand feeding them fish sticks and old fashioneds. He’s been telling his girlfriend he’s playing “Papers Please”.

And I’m the Ashtray and my penis pump is called the Dong Dinger, and it has pinstripes!

And this is the Red Eye Report!!

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Sue Klebold

What’s Sexy

Mistic: Deadwood movie

Oracle:  PSVR


Teddy:  God of war 4

Fuck What You Think

Mystic:  Priorities

Oracle:  Fucking bullshit dentist

Ashtray: Dahvie Vanity is a pederass rapist!

Music video to play during segment

Teddy:  Bank calls cops on black man

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