On this episode of the Red Eye Report we talk about Phone Phreaking—phone hacking before it was cool to hack the web. Also on the show, Ashtray shares some wack-ass video about committing suicide, Teddy bitches about old-ass boxers, and Oracle bitches about not having new technology is his hands inexpensively and instantaneously.  

Phone Phreakers

True to the Comic Teddy

White Barry White: our smooth soul sounding Mystic.

Bloody Bath Mat: our very own Oracle, of course.

And Alcoholic Not so Anonymous Ashtray

Another shitty last minute into to THE RED EYE REPORT!

Matthew Weigman: the fat blind bastard phone hacker

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Mistic:  Solar Opposites

Teddy:    Finally picked a date

Ashtray:   Why Suicide Is The New 401(k)

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Waiting for new tech.

Mistic:  DNC

Ashtray:  Mutha Fuckers walking in the road.

Teddy: Old ass Boxers

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