In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Near Death Experiences or NDEs. What’s going on when we’re passing away? Emerging research is challenging our notions of the relationship between our brains and our mind. Download the Red Eye Report wherever you get your podcasts.

Near Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences | Psychology Today

I’m a psychiatrist – I study near-death experiences and here’s what people see moments before they die | The US Sun (

Anita Moorjani | The Formula For Creating Heaven On Earth

Eben Alexander | The Formula For Creating Heaven On Earth

IANDS – the most reliable source of information on NDEs

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) – Division of Perceptual Studies (

What’s Sexy  

Oracle: Early Twirly

Mistic: Pepsi, Where’s my Jet? 

Teddy: Dead Cells DLC

Ashtray: Gabriel Promotions

Fuck What You Think 

Oracle: interplanetary workspaces

Mistic: Fuck yo concert. Ya old bitches. 

Ashtray: It’s time for Ashtray’s Celebrity Ass-Rag Report:
This week, Celine Dion’s Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis.

Teddy:  Worst WNBA Trade ever!!

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself HoneyComb Crackhead 

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