This week on the Red Eye Report, we discuss Mercenaries. Dirty deeds done dirt and diamond cheap – That kind of thing. We also take a look at the fantasy classic, Legend, starring Tom Cruise, and finally, we kill the neighbor’s dog with a throwing star.

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Mercs

Oracle: Ninjas

Teddy: Swiss Guard

Mistic: Berserkers

Ashtray: Aging Mercs

What’s Sexy:

Oracle: Ghost in the Shell

Teddy: Kodi

Mistic: Viceland

Ashtray: Ash vs Evil Dead

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Legend; Sausage Party

Ask the Idiots:

Patty shires Yonkers ny, for ashtray how did you become addicted to porn and how does it feel to be a pervert

Brian Dickson from Inglewood California Oracle. What’s your favorite type of video game genre

Brad Shaw from ft worth texas for everyone. Since they don’t eat meat or any other living thing do you think vegan girls give head

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Mistic: YA fiction

Oracle: Game Whistles

Teddy: Kaepernick

Ashtray: Low Voter Turnout

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