Tonight on the Red Eye Report, we discuss memory. What do we know about making memories? How can we improve our memory? How good is your memory?

With me is Ashtray. He’s got a terrible memory. He can’t remember jack shit. it’s like 5,000 first dates with this guy at this point. He seems to always remember where the nudies and beers are though…maybe it’s some weirdo pervo-drunk scheme of his?

Next up we have Teddy. He’s on the opposite side of the spectrum. He can remember everything. Watch this. Teddy, tell something about Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Don’t let me down buddy.

We also have Mistic. His memory is good. He’s also high all the time, so that brings it down into mentally retarded goldfish territory. Imagine how angry he’d be if he actually could remember the things that he was raging about.

Finally, there’s me, Oracle. I have a magic memory trick. I can forget my bike lock no matter how desperately I need to open it. I guess I could buy a bunch of locks or even get one with a key, but it was easier to just leave mine locked up downtown.

It’s easier to be a fat monkey. Welcome to the Red Eye Report.


What’s Sexy

Mistic: Murder Mountain

Oracle: Scuba experience

Ashtray: Vention

Teddy: Assassin’s Creed being used to rebuild ND.

Fuck What You Think

Teddy: Dicks with spoilers

Oracle: Haircut mindfuck

Ashtray: Obsession with Columbine

Mistic:Notre Dame burning

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