In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we talk about memes. Where did these ubiquitous pieces of contemporary culture come from? How long have we been meming? What were the most influential memes? We’ll answer those questions and more. Download the Red Eye Report wherever you get your podcasts.

History of Memes

NyQuil Chicken

FDA warns people to not partake in the NyQuil Chicken Challenge : NPR


From Kilroy to Pepe: A Brief History of Memes | Independent Lens | PBS

Digging Down Into Meme Culture

Do It for the Culture: The Case for Memes in Qualitative Research – Constance Iloh, 2021 (

Most famous memes

The most famous internet memes of all time (

Unique Memes Created

The Top 10 Most Iconic Memes Of All Time [INFOGRAPHIC] | Player.One

Memes that Destroyed Lives

Memes That Destroyed Lives (

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: VR Performance and Sharpening Mods

FSR mod

VR Performance Toolkit

Mistic: Delorean bitches

Teddy: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Ashtray: fuck if I know?

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Multitude of cloud storage accounts

Mistic: Wheres Ricky when you need him

Ashtray: Trump dump

Teddy: to many systems in rpgs

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself Dancing Baby. That’s our show, we’re gonna be here every Wednesday or Thursday night at 10pm central, make sure you join the conversation at or… can also twittle us @redeye_report….like us, share us, or fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m Oracle…………….and this is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!!

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