Media Disintegrity Outline


Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Outsourced Journalism

Declining paper sales: Oracle

Falling Number of Reporters:

Who Own Big Media:

Lack of editing: Ashtray

Outsourcing: Mistic

Colbert/John Stewart/Bill Maher: Teddy

What’s Sexy (7 minutes): 

Mistic: Twitter and Facebook helps out police

Oracle: EBAY, Keeping the Peace

Ashtray: Kent State Sweatshirt “”&HYPERLINK “”utm_term=4ldqpgp#1ltosat

Teddy: Vyrus Motorcycle

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Pain & Gain; Jay and Silent Bob Super Groovy Cartoon Movie


Teddy: Jamie McMurray – Tecumseh, New Mexico: You mad or naw?

Ashtray: Connor Ashmore – Philadelphia: Bro….when’s the last time your penis was referred to as a machine?

Oracle: Big Jim – San Fransisco: You sound like you got a perty mouth on you. Can you use that mouth to talk to Mistic and get me a date?

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes): 

Oracle: NFL: Stop the madness! Bandwagon Advocacy

Teddy: Wal Mart fined

Mistic: Oral Sex Jesus

Ashtray: Boko Haram

In All Seriousness (3 minutes):

In all seriousness….Journalism needs to take a long hard look at itself. Governmental policy that affects millions of peoples lives is directly affected by what news outlets choose to tell us. It used to be that if you heard about something from a reputable news source, it was undeniably true. Now, any fucktard with a Twitter or Facebook account can affect the way a massive amount of people choose to live and more importantly, vote. I’m sort of ashamed to live in a country where a wife beating cocksucker can avoid jail and a 14 year old kid who mimes a blowjob from someones almighty faces 2 years behind bars. The system is fucked boys… let’s get loaded. Make sure you join the conversation at or Like, Share and make sure you sign up for the feed, so you get every new episode. I’m Mistic…….

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