In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we examine the gigantic balls of President Zelensky of Ukraine. Also in the show, Ashtray mooches off his friends’ hot tub choice, and Oracle gives the gang a standing ovation.

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Lion Balls Zelenskyy 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Age 44

Born: January 25, 1978

Independent – Servant of the People party

6th and current president of Ukraine

Zelensky’s past before the war :

The Untold Truth Of Ukraine’s President Zelensky

Jewish Urainian – Grandfather the only one to survive Holocost 

“The fact that I’m a Jew is about the 20th question about my characteristics.”

Father was a professor of cybernetics.

His mother was an engineer.

Joined KVN, A Russian comedy show,  at the age of 17. An improve show.

Formed Kvartal 95 -or- The 95 Quarter, a reference to an area in their city of Kryvyi

In the year 2000 graduated with a law degree. 

By 2003 his comedy troupe was producing TV shows. But his mother was not happy about his comedy career and wished he would be a lawyer. he did not care and kept pursuing comedy. 

Most of his comedies were made in Russian which offered a bigger audience.

By 2012 his company was reportedly worth 15 million dollars.

Zelenskyy Worked as a writer, producer, director and actor. 

TV SHOW – “Servant of the People”

Servant of the People – television series 

Trailer with English subtitles

SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE | SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE | Trailer | English Subtitles |2016

A history teacher goes on a rant about corruption in politics and a video of it goes viral.  He then becomes president of Ukraine. 

In 2018, after the success of their television show, they decided to form a political party named: servant of the people.

Using mostly social media and ignoring mainstream media he won with 72% of the vote. Ukranians were desperate for change. 

First year as president he avoided local media and instead used Instagram and YouTube to communicate with the public.

Except in October 2019 he went on a press Gauntlet where he sat down and engaged media from 10 a.m. until past midnight. 

July 2019:; Donald Trump calls and puts a hold on 400 million dollars words of aid, asking a favor to investigate Hunter Biden. This led directly into Trump’s first impeachment. 

In his campaign he promised to engage in dialogue with Russia to end the Russo Ukrainian conflict. Putin basically just ignored his request with silence. 

His approval rating went down to 25% by October 2021  because he had not found a solution to the Eastern conflict.

However, ukrainians often found themselves dissatisfied with new presidents because of their high expectations of change. 

Servant of the People – television series 

Trailer with English subtitles

SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE | SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE | Trailer | English Subtitles |2016

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Xbox Series S

Mistic: Murderville

Teddy: old feelings 

Ashtray:   Hot Tub happiness 

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Standing Ovations

Mistic:  Cancel Culture: International Edition.

Ashtray:   Sound driver fuckery with no wifi

Teddy: star cruiser costs

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 


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