Tonight we’re talking about land mines. Another thrilling topic from Ashtray; the brilliant mind behind “Plumbing” and “Flood Insurance”!

First we have Teddy. He eats ass, and he’s proud of it. As a fellow ass eater, I approve his message – That Oracle and Mistic can go eat a dick!

Then there’s cock in the mouth Oracle. Some may say that’s fake news, and that I have no evidence Oracle has a penis in or near his mouth. I say; I’m sticking to Teddy’s message. There were cocks on many sides, many sides …

And don’t forget weiner lips Mistic. He missed voting yesterday after getting ejected for campaigning at a polling place. Really it was just emotional support parrot who kept screaming
MAGA!! Grab em by the pussy! Vote Trump! MAGA!!

And I’m Ashtray. Like Teddy, I eat turds! ASS! I mean ASS

And this is the Red Eye Report!!

Land Mines

Rats sniff out mines

Flail tank

What’s Sexy

Mystic: Wisconsin Recount Law

Oracle: What Cheer Writers Club

Ashtray: Halloween Candy

Teddy: No more fucking campaign ads

Fuck What You Think

Mystic: House of Cards

Oracle: Crazy Amazon Reviews

Ashtray: Dick hole Brian Kemp

Teddy: Brie Larson’s shitty Samus

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