This week on the Red Eye Report we are talking about those Middle Eastern knuckleheads Israel and Palestine.

With us on the trip we have Mistic; who refused to go visit the Wailing Wall – no matter how many times we tried to explain: It’s not that kind of whaling.

Then there is hungover Oracle who stumbled out of the hotel in his bathrobe and dad bod and Walgreens sunglasses, so we called him The Dude. But the locals think he’s white Jesus.

Nobody fucked with Teddy, though. He wore his Black Panther shirt and is telling everyone he’s from Wakanda.

And I’m Ashtray, who learned the Gaza Strip is a sad shit show … and definitely not a gentlemen’s club.

And this is the RED EYE REPORT

Israel VS Palestine

Map of border changes

What’s Sexy:

Teddy: Pops coming through

Oracle: Knuckling Down Against Germs


Mistic: The movie Us

Fuck What You Think:

Teddy: Wicked bitch of the west

Oracle: Double standards

Mistic: The media

Ashtray: Almost losing my thumb