In the Shadows Outline

Outline for Red Eye Report

Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): In the Shadows

Teddy: Project Pegasus

Mistic: MK Ultra/Stargazer

Oracle: WWII Secret Experiments

Ashtray: Area 51/HAARP

What’s Sexy (7 minutes): 

Mistic: MS DOS games

Teddy: Halle Berry’s Husband

Oracle: Tegra x1

Ashtray: Biblical shit

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): Jiro dreams of Sushi; Stretch

Ask the Idiots

Ashtray: Yolanda – Paradise springs, UT – Why are you so mean to your cat?

Oracle: Hank – Los Angeles, CA – You’ve got some stories. I’ll give you that. But my most outrageous story involves a can of spam, a polaroid of Kathy Ireland from 1982         and a gallon of cake frosting. You got anything crazier than that?

Teddy: Fred Flintstone – Bedrock – Yabba fuckin Dabba do……you ever fuck a dinosaur.

Fuck What You Think (7 minutes):

Ashtray: Kidnapping Hoax

Oracle: Japanese Beethoven

Teddy: Mickey Incognito

Mistic: Who the fuck is Paul McCartney?

In All Seriousness (3 minutes):

In all seriousness, how many times do we have to tell people to go fuck themselves, before they take our advice and actually do. Studies have shown that people who masturbate regularly, 3 to 4 times a week, have less anger issues and are generally in good mental health. So when I see a group of people, I don’t know, murdering their fellow humans with automatic rifles, just for making fun of their deity. I say to you kind sir. You need to jack off. That’s our show……Make sure you join the conversation at or……Like us, Share us or fuck us…..we’re down for whatever. I’m Mistic…….and this is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!!!

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