In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Imposters. There have been some super weird and elaborate imposters of the centuries. Also in the show, Oracle finally believes in Love, and we talk about TIME magazine’s Cat of the Year winner for 2023.

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In this episode of the Red Eye Report. We discuss Imposters. We trip the light fantastic and as usual, we fuck ya till you bleed. With me this week is the all seeing Oracle. Or should i say Willam Sanders, the smooth talking insurance salesman from Rhode Island. Famous for fleecing old ladies out of their hard earned SSI checks. Im not saying theyre the same person. But Oracle does have a lot of knitted items just strewn about his house all willy nilly. Next to him is the fluffy Teddy Bear. Teddy once posed as a Rabbi. The ruse didnt last very long. Who knew cutting off a babies foreskin was so hard. Weve also got a soot covered Ashtray. Ashtray doesnt have to be any body else. He lives multiple lives in one weekend. Dancin whore, concerned older friend, mouth fucker. Whatever the situation calls for. Hes not the king of the hipsters. Hes a Hipster Chameleon. Last and least, Im the Mistic. I once tried posing as a doctor in a restaurant when a woman was choking. It failed miserably and she died. But she did have a nice rack so…..this is the Red Eye Report.

What’s Sexy

Oracle: Do you believe in Love?

Mistic: Geddy Lee: Are bass players human too? 

Teddy: Mario RPG Remake

Ashtray: TIME Magazine’s Cat of the year

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Procrastination

Mistic: im not your personal slave. 


Teddy: College football playoff rankings

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself everybody.

That’s our show, we’re gonna be here every Thursday night at 10pm central, make sure you join the conversation at or… can also twittle us @redeye_report….like us, share us, or fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m Mistic…………….and this is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!!

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