In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Impeachment, we fire off misguided attacks on minorities that have no way of defending themselves. And as usual, we put pride into our work, by winking during the money shot.

With me this week is the fluffy Teddy Bear. Teddy has had a lot of firsts in his life lately. His first homosexual experience. His first encounter with the concept of Kyle and his first library card. It’s not for books and shit like that. No…they have computers there and on those computers, you can find anything. Like gay men that want a little dark chocolate.

Next to him is the All seeing Oracle. Oracle has a green screen coming in a few days. He says it’s for creating instructional videos for work. But we all know it’s for his feeble attempt to recreate the last 6 episodes of Game of Thrones. Jesus, just let it be….fucking nerds.

We’ve also got a soot covered Ashtray. He’s drunk. Last and least, I’m the Mistic. I’ve never been impeached before, but I have fucked an Imp with a peach. Does that count? This is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!


The Process


What’s Sexy

Mystic: Good Omens

Teddy: Library Card

Ashtray: Dumb Ass teacher tweeted to Trump to help deport illegal immegrant students … not knowing it was all public.

Oracle: Outer Wilds

Fuck What You Think

Teddy:  Xbox body wash

Ashtray: “I didn’t know she was nasty”

Oracle: Unbelievably cheap plastic

Mystic:Straight pride parade

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself Boston Massachusetts. That’s our show, we’re gonna be here every Wednesday night at 10pm central, make sure you join the conversation at or… can also twittle us at….like us, share us, or fuck us, we’re down for whatever. I’m Oracle…………….and this is the RED EYE REPORT!!!!!