On this episode of the Red Eye Report we talk about dogs, we listen to Mistic rant about something, and as usual, we all give Ashtray shit.

Speaking of Ashtray, he’s with us this week. You all don’t know this, but he’s generally never on time, and we always have to wait for him to get his topics ready for the show, and I wrote this intro a week ago, so I’m going to give Ashtray a chance to make me look stupid. Ashtray, were you ready on time this week?

Next to him is Oracle. Oracle and his girlfriend are starting a new campaign against her least favorite word, “moist.” Unfortunately for them, the only acronym they could come up with was MAM “Mothers Against Moist.”

Next to him is Mistic. Mistic is our resident sour puss, and we all love him for it. I actually have to say that because Mistic is coming out to visit me and he is also notorious for headbutting short people. So Mistic, I did what you asked, please don’t hurt me in front of my son.

I’m heading for some reason all you fucking morons think I talk fast, (this is unintelligible) but I really don’t you just too stupid and listen really slowly. And you’re sure I have been told I sound like a highly caffeinated Elmo doll, but fuck you this is the Red Eye Report.

Hot Diggity Dogs

https://www.edgarsnyder. In Nashvillecom/statistics/dog-bite-statistics.html

What’s Sexy:

Teddy: Bill Nye cussing

Oracle: Casting of Pods

Ashtray: Not paying to fix my car!

Mistic: Rickey’s Dick


Teddy: Dumb Southerners

Oracle: Precog Rage Complex

Mistic: HBO Petition

Ashtray: Is or is not Iran preparing to attack?