In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss GPS ankle monitors. Their prevalence has jumped considerably, but who is actually watching them? Also in the show, Ashtray has a stroke and Mistic weighs in on Trope Moon.

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GPS ankle monitors – and how they suck!

Mafuck Mystic, who needs now ankle bracelet. He’s got a robocop boot!

Overlord Dad Oracle, who realized an ankle bracelet was only $150 on Amazon, got one for his potatoe babys

Tinsel tits Teddy 

Daisy the Dialisis Donkey who spent years in the mountains of Afghanistan carrying a dialisis machine and now Dane County wont let her die.

What is GPS monitoring?

The BOOM in house arrest since covid – 

The Disturbing New Face of Mass Incarceration

10 women who have a restraining order against the same man: 37 year old Christopher Welch

Safety of electronic monitoring questioned

Look at these AWOL losers

Safety of electronic monitoring questioned

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Loki

Mistic: Dodgers think theyre turning Japanese. 

Teddy:  Another Cruise 

Ashtray: The magic of a vibrating butt plug in your partner

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Victimhood

Mistic:  Trope Moon

Ashtray:    fucked up breathing, and ice cold hands


In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 

  • Waffle House of the Sea

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