In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we talk about Engineering Disasters in the wake of the Surfside, FL condo building collapse. Where have been some other notable engineering disasters throughout history? What happens when the engineers come in hung over? Fucking Titanic. Also in the show, Oracle nerds out on DLSS 2.0, Mistic nerds out on banjo covers, and Ashtray claims his spot as the king of obscure, morbid details.

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Engineering Disasters 

Surfside condo collapse

10 dead, 151 missing after partial building collapse in Surfside – ABC7 Southwest Florida (

20 Noteworthy Engineering Failures in History (

Lessons From 10 of the Worst Engineering Disasters in US History | Live Science

Top 10 Biggest Engineering Disasters In History (

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: DLSS

Nvidia RTX cards get a ‘super easy’ speed boost from DLSS 2.0 | PC Gamer

Mistic:  Frogleap

Teddy: Streets of Rage 4 dlc

Ashtray:  The Anit-MAGA Trolls of Reddit

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: eBay cocksucker

Mistic:  Bad Friends

Ashtray: The witness stories from the condo collapse 

Teddy: Gwen Berry crackheads

 In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself mosquitoes. 

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