Dune Review

”Dune” is an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book of the same name.  The movie follows “Paul Atreides”, the son of a Noble family. The Atreides family is tasked with protecting the most valuable thing in the Universe, Spice. 

Spice is an element that exists on the planet Arrakis. This element is used to power Interstellar travel and needs to be protected at all costs. The Emperor tasks Duke Leto Atreides, played by Oscar Issac, with its protection and manufacturing. Once on the planet, the Atreides family quickly realizes shit aint what it seems. 

A little disclaimer, I’ve never read the book. I did see the crappy 80s movie by David Lynch. So, I’m just going to be reviewing this as a standalone Sci Fi movie. That being said, let’s start with the Sci Fi elements. The tech used in the movie was really cool. It was refreshing to see different ship designs than other franchises. The personal shields and weapons were also very cool and different. The production design was amazing and the best part of this movie. From wardrobe, to scenic expanses all the way to little details in the background that make it really feel like a well developed and believable world. The writing was good and at times really added to the feeling of isolation. The acting was good all around and is what you would expect from a big budget movie like this. One thing I found kind of weird and this is more a dig on Frank Herbert. There are names like “Stilgar” and “Chani”, like you would find in a typical Sci Fi movie. But then we have “Paul” and “Duncan Idaho”. Duncan Idaho sounds like a mascot for Idaho potatoes. 

Denis Villeneuve did a great job with this movie. It drew me into the “diegesis” more than Bladerunner 2049 did and it’s nearly flawless in its execution. It drew me in so well that I didn’t notice it was a 2 and a half hour movie. There is a disclaimer at the beginning that this is part one. So, I wouldn’t go expecting closure. Think the first Lord of the Rings movie. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and will be unpatiently waiting for the second part. I give it a 4.75 bongs out of 5.

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