In this episode of The Red Eye Report, we talk about Dictators. You know Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-un, and Benito Mussolini. Where did they come from? What makes a dictator? What kind of cheese do they like? We also review the movie The Lobster. Spoiler alert – it’s weird. And finally, Ashtray gives us tips on how to get rid of those pesky dick taters that crop up if you don’t wash for a few days.

Introduction and Fuck What You Think:

Oracle: DMV

Mistic: Orthotics

Ashtray: Neo Nazis getting found out


Teddy: Charlottesville

Main Conversation:

Oracle: Fun and Wacky Facts


Ashtray: Polpot


Mistic: Gadaffi and Mao




Teddy: The Kim’s




Conspiracy Corner:

Heyrod discusses conspiracies

Netflix Movie Review (10 minutes): The Lobster; Full Metal Jacket

Ask the Idiots:

Jill Stern – Walla Walla, WA – Everybody: If you could turn into an animal like in The Lobster, what would it be?

Brian Johnson – New Haven, CT – Teddy: Why do you always sound like you’re playing video games?

Pauline Parsons – Bakersfield, CA – Ashtray: On a scale of one to ten. How scared are you of The Trump Train?

What’s Sexy:

Oracle: TitanFall 2 Campaign

Ashtray: Batin a bitch

Mistic: Juggalos vs Nazis

Teddy: Rick and Morty Season 3

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