After 10 years of a 3,200% rise in children who believe they are transgender, there is also a growing community of teens and young adults wishing to de-transition. Also on the show, Mistic goes on about some honky tonk strippers, and Teddy makes a case for less death threats.

The DeTrans Community

2010 to 2017 – females identifying as trans have outpaced males 3 to 1

In the UK – 3,200% rise in children who believe they are transgender, 75% of whome are girls

The Tavistock Centre in London – 35 psychologist have resigned from the Children’s Gender Service in just the last 3 years.

2009: had 77 referrals

2019: climbed to 2,590 referrals with 3,000 still on 

Often children with serious past trauma suffer from gender dysphoria

Internalized homophobia across the Western World is leading kids to believe they are trans instead of gay. 

A sample GoFundMe search brought up 26,000+ girls and women seeking top surgery

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria 

  • Often teenage girls
  • Happens in clusters of friends
  • Devour trans social media personalities
  • Over diagnosis may be professional fear of being labeled transphobic

Detransition video blogs: 

Rival Maverick:

Carey Callahan:

Source videos:

PBS Frontline “Growing up Trans” Dec 2 2020

Ariell Scarcella’s Women Sexuality Culture podcast

BBC Newsnight:

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Wheel setup

Mistic:  Red Dog

Teddy:  Son wrecking Miles Morales Spiderman  

Ashtray:   In Search of Darkness (play trailer in background)

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Tire debacle

Mistic:  News outlets. 

Ashtray:     Arecibo’s dish finally crashes

NSF releases footage from the moment Arecibo’s cables failed | Ars Technica

Teddy:  GODDAMM Death threats

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