On this episode of the Red Eye Report we talked about cheaters, we tried to pry Oracle back to the real world for the road of VR and as always cuss a whole goddamn lot.

With us tonight is Ashtray. Ashtray’s a little testy tonight because he doesn’t appreciate me and Mistic’s criticism over what he describes as food that he cooked. Now to be fair, he didn’t cook any food. What he made was overcooked dried noodles which I don’t even know how the fuck you do that with what looks like hot shit and tomatoes mixed with a little racism. So he’s going to be a little gassy.

Next to him we have Oracle. He’s on a secret mission to get his dad bod that rivals the great Mistic’s. How will he accomplish this you might ask? By eating all of his students’ food and not sharing any with his girlfriend.

Then there’s the Mistic. Mistic had two of his greatest dreams come true the other night when he was mistaken for Guy Fieri at a Smash Mouth concert. And he won’t stop talking about it.


What’s Sexy

Mistic: Politickin’

Ashtray: Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ hits No. 1

Oracle: Ole Trusty

Teddy: Carnival Cruise

Fuck What You Think

Ashtray: Netanyahu wins again

Teddy:  Cheap ass NFL

Oracle: Strong Arm Computer Security

Mistic: Insurance

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