In this episode of the Red Eye Report we discuss the IVF kerfuffle in Alabama. You won’t believe how this whole thing started. Also in the show, Mistic gets kinky at Dune 2, and Oracle gets and unsolicited beer recommendation.

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Frozen potatoes are still potatoes Oracle

Toss ‘em all out Teddy

Mehan Markle made me do it, Mystic

And Ain’t nobody in the pool, Ashtray

And this is the RED EYE REPORT

Dane Co Humane society paws for the cause: Harambryo; a frozen embryo of Harambe who is fleeing Alabama, and demanding his rights be respected – and only the Dane Co Humane Society can do that. 

Begotten or Forgotten or Droppin
in Alabama

In 2020, a patient at the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama improperly accessed the cryogenic freezer where frozen embryos were stored, removing and dropping them on the floor after their hands suffered from cold burns.[6] Four parents—James and Emily LePage and Felicia and Scott Aysenne—sued against the Center for Reproductive Medicine, with William Tripp and Caroline Fonde serving as plaintiffs in LePage’s lawsuit.[7]

The People Rooting for the End of IVF

Legal Eagle’s in depth look

Alabama Supreme Court Says Embryos Are Children

What’s Sexy 

Oracle:  Turning Point

Mistic: Dune 2

Teddy:  11 Days off

Ashtray:  Landjägers

Fuck What You Think

Oracle:  I don’t need a beer recommendation 

Mistic: Gross misuse of time and talent. 

Ashtray:    Katie Britt is the Meghan Markle of the republican party

Senator Katie Britt Delivers Republican Response to State of the Union

Teddy:  Goddamn Cops!!

In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 

  • Janet Reno

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