This week on the Red Eye Report we are talking about animal attacks!

It’s a jam-packed 5-way show tonight with Manatee Mistic, Orangutan Oracle, Toucan Teddy, myself Albatross Ashtray, and our special guest Tiger Treat Travis! Who brought the lube and a scratching post?

This is the RED EYE REPORT

Animal Attacks!!!

Travis the Chimpanzee:

Charla Nash photos after surgery (FOR STREAM)

Dirty Wiki details

Tatiana the Siberian Tiger:

National Geographic mini doc (FOR STREAM)

Winkie The Elephant:

Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter

Travis and his Terrific Tiger Bite

What’s Sexy

Oracle: Tetris 99

Teddy: This is not happening

Mistic: Big Love

Ashtray: Jussie Smollet charged with felony

Travis: New Harley Announcements

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Feeling like I’m high on cocaine when I’m lying in bed.

Teddy: Call for the KKK

Mystic:Competitive Eating

Ashtray:Mike Flynn tried to push Nuke secrets

Travis: Tax Returns