In this episode of the Red Eye Report, we discuss Affairs and Infidelities. What are the statistics in terms of men cheating vs women, etc? We have you covered. Also in the show, Oracle bows to the Hut, Mistic gets nerdy with some chess, and Teddy is done with allergy season…too bad it just started.

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Tonight on the Red Eye Report we’re gonna listen to Mystic fall asleep while Ashtray pisses him off in his dreams.

As always we Oracle, who once had an emotional affair with a Swan’s Push Pop. Don’t tell his wife.

Then there’s Teddy who cheats all the fucking time … on Xbox. Don’t tell his wife.

Don’t forget about Mystic, who’s already asleep, so he won’t be bothered while I share my story about deep trenching out his mom while I made his dad watch and cheer me on shots of Goldschlagger. It wasn’t really cheating, we were all on board.

And there’s me Ashtray – who’s been the dirty dog, and the dog that got dirtied. Neither side is clean. 

Dane Co Human Society pet: Pepe, the PCP Pounding Peacock.

Affairs & Infidelities

Main Cheating Statistics

  1. The percentage of men and women in 2017 who cheated on their partners was 20% and 13%.
  2. There has been an increase in the rate of women infidelity since 1990 by 40%.
  3. 16% of married couples admitted to being unfaithful at some point in their marriage.
  4. 30% of individuals started cheating on their spouse with someone at work.
  5. According to research, 57% of marriages ended in divorce due to infidelity.
  6.  88% of ladies put more emphasis on emotional affairs over physical affairs.
  7. The percentage of men and women facing emotional affairs was 45% and 35%.
  8. 60% of all emotional affairs start in a work environment.
  9. 77% of men confessed to engaging in some form of emotional affair, while women accounted for 91%.

General Statistics of Cheating in 2023

General Statistics of Cheating in 2023

Famous affairs in history:

Esther Perel’s Ted Talk on Rethinking Infidelity:

What’s Sexy 

Oracle: Pizza Hut  

Mistic:  Candidates


Ashtray:  Leaving on a jet plane to hike through Utah 

Fuck What You Think

Oracle: Too many kids dying driving cars

Mistic:   Youtube. Fuck it. 

Teddy:  Damn Allergy season 


In all Seriousness: Go fuck yourself 

  • Prince William

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